Thatcher Mpanga Nakimuli

Interior Engineer

Thatcher is an Interior Design Engineer at Kiira Motors Corporation. She graduated with a Bachelors’ degree in Architecture from Makerere University and since then has worn a number of hats including Architect, Researcher, and Industrial Designer. She has a fluency in concept design and ideation, 3D Modelling and visualisation, multiplied from work on various design projects including real estate, interior and landscaping design and specifically the design of the KMC Master Plan, Production and Support Facilities in Jinja. In the automotive Industry she has worked on the Kiira Crossover Concept vehicle program and had an extensive internship at Ford Motor Company gaining exposure and experience in vehicle product development. She is also experienced in Vehicle Market Analysis having worked on the Bus and Truck project for Uganda Development Corporation. Thatcher is a co-founder and contributor to Studio Manyatta, a design house dealing mainly in Product, Architecture and Fashion design with a philosophy aimed at using people’s Origins and Culture to influence design. Collecting inspiration from her love of music, fashion, architecture, and nature Thatcher aims to create sustainable and Afrocentric designs that are responsive to the needs, culture and identity of peopl

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