Fred Kayemba

Assembly Operator

Fred Kayemba is a self-driven, highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic. He has over 15 years’ experience in Automotive Repair and Service with focus on Pneumatic and Suspension Systems in Buses and Trucks.

While at Kiira Motors Corporation, he has played a very vital Technical role in development of the Pneumatic and Suspension Systems of the Kayoola Solar Bus, these involving the Brakes, compressor systems, and suspension systems.

Fred has breadth of knowledge and experience which he has attained from various trainings both local and international. Such examples include IVECO South Africa where he did Assembly of Buses and Trucks. He has also acquired skills in Advanced Welding and Joining methods ranging from; shield metal arc welding, Oxy acetylene Gas welding, Gas metal Arch welding, Gas Tungsten Arc welding, Adhesive and sealants, Mechanical fasteners, General fabrication and product finishing, these attained from the prestigious Lugogo Vocational Training Institute.

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