Brenda Ruth Nagginda

Interior Designer

Nagginda Brenda Ruth, a Bachelor in Architecture Graduate from Makerere University, has aspired to join the evolution and development of the Ugandan Automotive Industry for the generations to come through to creating automotive designs for Ugandan customers using clean energy technology, with a blend of the Uganda’s cultural and historical wealth, its traditions and heritage expressed in shapes, forms, values and materials, while fulfilling National aspirations of positive growth and development.

Nagginda Brenda Ruth, at KMC, started out in the Industrial Design Department (2014-2015) as an Assistant Industrial Design Researcher under which she developed an Automotive Seat catering to the comfort during Pregnancy & for Plus Size while driving, contributed to design development of the Kiira EV SMACK interior design among other concepts. The following year 2015-16 she advanced to becoming an Industrial Designer Researcher contributing to development of the Kayoola Solar Bus interior design concept. Later in 2016-date, she is an Automotive Interior Designer under the department of Product Development where she is working on various ongoing concepts to be unveiled by Kiira Motors Corporation in future. In 2017, Brenda pursued and received certification in Automotive Industrial Supply Chain Management and IT systems awarded by the Automotive Training Academy (ATA) South Africa to advance well rounded designer that is sensitive to the overall Automotive industry and technologies in the African Market today and tomorrow.

Nagginda Brenda Ruth aspires to have profound impact in Automotive and transportation Design for production and foster Girl’s participation in innovation coherent with the Automotive &Technology Design Field that would go a long way in providing a podium to aiding future design and technology that can be used not only in automotive applications but also Ugandans’ day to day lives.

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