Albert Akovuku

VP Production

Albert Akovuku is a certified Engineer with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), USA, a Ugandan Professional with more than 15 years of work experience, with a high creative capability based on a scientific, technological and research background which allows him to plan, design, build, control, pinpoint, manage, assess, standardize and advice at everything about Systems Engineering field, specifically in Production and Quality Management Systems implementation, Transportation Systems, Supply Chain and Logistics, Economics of Infrastructure, Computer simulation, Economics technology and management, Systems analysis and management, through life engineering and attempting to use these resources in an efficient way. Albert worked at TNO as a Transportation Systems Research Assistant in the Netherlands, Ten years of result oriented work as Principal Mechanical Engineer at State House Uganda, Assistant Lecturer at College of Engineering Design Art and Technology Makerere University. He also has a solid ethical background with a professional commitment and responsibility as well as an excellent attitude to deal with people, a high communicative outlook, negotiation skills and enhanced leadership skills, adaptability to changing situations. He is good at working in a team, persistent and aimed to get the best results.

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