Product Development Team

VP Product Development

Richard Madanda graduated with a BSC. (hons) in Electrical Engineering from Makerere University. He has a masters degree in Embedded Systems and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovations Management from Eindhoven University of Technology in Netherlands. He has also trained and worked with several industrial and research establishments in Uganda and abroad including Nile Breweries, Spear Motors, Solar Application Labs, and Philips Research. Richard has worked with the Kiira Motors Project from its inception in 2007. He was recruited into the ranks of the then Vision 200, a student led Initiative spearheaded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as an Undergraduate student researcher working on power electronics. He has since worked on all projects right from the Kiira EV PoC, Kiira EV SMACK hybrid, Kayoola Solar bus mainly engaged in the power train design and offering leadership support at different levels. He has mentored and offered guidance to new KMC recruits over the years. Richard has also engaged in instruction in Engineering Mathematics in the sub-department of engineering Mathematics at Makerere University, College of Engineering, Design Art and Technology. He brings vast experience and knowledge in the areas of Model Based design and Mathematical optimizations mainly focused on Vehicle Power trains and Power electronics. Apart from his research as innovation interests at KMC, he is engaged in other entrepreneur undertakings. He is a founding member and director at Kisaali Foods (U), a company engaged in processing and packaging of food products and co-founder of Power-Corp Energy Solutions.

Electrical Manager

Fred is a graduate of MSC. In Engineering Management from Kettering University USA, BSc. in Electrical Engineering graduate from Makerere University. He played key lead roles in the development of the electric Powertrain and electrical systems architectures for KIIRA Motor’s 3 Concept Cars namely; KIIRA EV, KIIRA EV SMACK and the Kayoola Solar Bus. Currently he is the Electrical Manager at KIIRA Motors Corporation. While working at the KIIRA Motors Project, he attained vast experience in automotive Electric & Electronic Systems design, implementation, Systems validation, Technical Paper writing and Project Management. Having worked one a series of Automotive Projects right from his final year project in engineering school, he has gained skills in business mapping, translating established requirements to functional specifications and implementations for custom designs. Fred’s career interests in the Engineering field include; Automotive manufacturing technologies, Urban Electric Transportation Technologies, Energy, Industry Automation and Electronic Control Systems. Fred enjoys serving the Lord in various ways using the skills and talents He has granted him among which is making music. He leads a worship team known as Shekinah Worship Team and leads the congregation in Praise and Worship in various services at his Local church- Glory of Christ Church, Kampala. He is part of the executive committee that runs Glory Savings and Credit Co-operative.

Vehicle Integration Manager

Pauline is an Electronics Engineer with a particular interest in control systems development. She has been part of the project since 2011 with nearly five years’ experience developing and testing vehicle control units. She renders her skills of requirements and design analysis, programming and technical documentation at all stages of fully fledged projects. Her passion is to help projects realize robust control systems and perform component integration in the shortest time possible. Interesting, her dynamic approach to life has seen her write a book and other literary pieces.

Exterior Design Manager

Mario is a self motivated, diligent and ethical individual with a concise vision for innovation and creativity. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Makerere University and is completing a Master’s degree in Engineering Management from Kettering University. Having previously worked as a Visual Engineer, he has vast experience in Product Design and Engineering, encompassing the entire product development scope from concept ideation to product completion. Mario has played a significant role in the mechanical design, integration and completion of the Kayoola Solar Bus. He is currently employed as Exterior Design Manager at Kiira Motors Cooperation. In addition to his work at Kiira Motors Cooperation, he is a mentor and has lectured in areas of “product design and visualization” at Design Institutions within the countr

Interior Engineer

Brenda is a God fearing, design driven and hardworking person. Brenda is in the architecture field at Makerere University. She has done research in automotive interior in respect to expectant mothers and plus size people.

EE Systems Engineer

As an aspiring manager and business tycoon in the Ugandan automotive space, Enock is very passionate and thrilled by electronics and propulsion systems. Enock is well learned and seasoned in powertrain and vehicle electronics systems requirements analysis, design & applied integration and currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Makerere University. He has actively been part of the team that has realised Africa’s first series hybrid electric vehicle – the KIIRA HEV SMACK and Africa’s first solar powered bus – the KAYOOLA Solar Bus. Enock upholds Godly principles and professionalism is at the heart of everything he set out to accomplish.

Homologation and Approvals

Edgar Mugabi is a self-driven, highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic. He is a strong believer in God and believes that his passion in Engineering is ordained by God. He has diverse experience in vehicle systems engineering having worked in a couple of positions with Kiira Motors. He has experience in Powertrain Systems Design, Modeling, Simulation and Control – Model Based Automotive Application Design, Integration and Testing – Automotive Electronics Systems Design and Integration and Quality Management Systems as applied to Automotive Product Development. He has been apart of the teams that built the Kiira EV PoC, Kiira EV SMACK and the Kayoola Solar bus. He is waiting for where this ship will take him next as he thinks about Homologation and Vehicle Approval Programmes.

Powertrain Systems Engineer

Dennis Kibalama holds an MS. Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University (OSU) and a BS. Electrical Engineering from Makerere University. He was an integral part in the Powertrain controls software development and vehicle electrical systems design, implementation and validation for the Kiira EV SMACK. Dennis was the electric propulsion team lead on the OSU EcoCAR3 team for 2 years and contributed immensely to their 1st place finishes in Years 2 and 3 of the competition. Currently, he is the Powertrain Systems Engineer leveraging the skills learnt both from the OSU EcoCAR 3 team and the Kiira Motors Project. He has attained myriad of skills related to model based approach to systems design and control systems, systems engineering, electric machine control, hybrid operating strategies, energy storage systems design, implementation and validation ,vehicle and component level testing and calibration, technical paper writing and working with cross-functional teams. Dennis’ engineering interests are aligned with hybrid operating control strategies, energy management control strategies, electric machine control and validation and the emerging area of vehicle autonomy and driver assistance systems. Dennis’ hobbies include reading, TV shows, football and working out. He is passionate about innovation outside the realm of the automotive field and is keen on utilizing his engineering acumen to foster and contribute to innovation.

Interior Engineer

Thatcher is an Interior Design Engineer at Kiira Motors Corporation. She graduated with a Bachelors’ degree in Architecture from Makerere University and since then has worn a number of hats including Architect, Researcher, and Industrial Designer. She has a fluency in concept design and ideation, 3D Modelling and visualisation, multiplied from work on various design projects including real estate, interior and landscaping design and specifically the design of the KMC Master Plan, Production and Support Facilities in Jinja. In the automotive Industry she has worked on the Kiira Crossover Concept vehicle program and had an extensive internship at Ford Motor Company gaining exposure and experience in vehicle product development. She is also experienced in Vehicle Market Analysis having worked on the Bus and Truck project for Uganda Development Corporation. Thatcher is a co-founder and contributor to Studio Manyatta, a design house dealing mainly in Product, Architecture and Fashion design with a philosophy aimed at using people’s Origins and Culture to influence design. Collecting inspiration from her love of music, fashion, architecture, and nature Thatcher aims to create sustainable and Afrocentric designs that are responsive to the needs, culture and identity of peopl

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