Kayoola Solar Bus Flag off (15th May 2016)

IMAG1722 IMAG1724 IMAG1731 IMAG1739 IMG_0390 IMG_0392


  1. John Ssemwanga

    Tremendous achievement.

  2. John Ssemwanga

    How long can it travel and, what’s its max speed?

  3. Lutaaya Steven Ngegembisi

    Uganda makes her first step in out of third world.”””MAKE IT””” 😀

  4. Ibra Rilz :Kasasa

    Yes!!! lets go on brothers its time to show the whites that we can make our own high tech products. And it will also inspire all of us to develop other innovative ideas coz its a shame for Uganda to import simple devices like blenders,we all learn physics,who doesn’t know how simple motors work and can be built ? But lets have hope my brothers and be hardworking,it will reach a time when Uganda can build her own fighter aircrafts.FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY!!!!!

  5. Patrick Nelson Wobbaka

    Well done KMC – an excellent product that should secure ready market in all Africa. Good for Uganda .

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