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Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) is an initiative for Automotive Industry Development in Uganda, supported through the Presidential Initiative for Science and Technology Innovation. The KMC equity partners are Uganda Development Corporation, the principal equity partner representing the Government of Uganda as the investment arm of Government, and Makerere University.  KMC is aimed at setting up and operating a vehicle assembly plant in Uganda. The KMC Plant shall be designed with a Multiple Line and Multiple Model Assembly Shop for Pick-Up Trucks, Light and Medium Duty Trucks, SUVs and Buses. Vehicle assembly is projected to commence in 2018 with Pick – Up Trucks. The plant shall operate in partnership with a seasoned auto manufacturer with a product foot print on all six continents.

The three strategic pillars that drive business value and success for KMC are: 1) Value for the Customer, envisaged to be realized through assembly of vehicles with proven technology competitively priced to enable the progressive customer shift from imported used vehicles to brand new vehicles assembled locally; 2) Opportunity for the Community, realized through a diverse spectrum of sustainable jobs created directly within KMC and diversification of the economy through industrialization resultant from investments in domestic parts manufacturing and the service industry relevant for supporting the KMC plant; 3) Profit for the Shareholders, the KMC investment is crafted based on a  positive business case to ensure that ultimately the Shareholders realize an early return on investment.

The Kiira Vehicle Technology Innovation Program has designed and built three concept vehicles, the “Kiira EV”, Africa’s first electric Vehicle, the “Kiira EV SMACK”, Africa’s first hybrid electric vehicle and the Kayoola Solar bus Africa’s first solar electric bus. Kiira Motors Corporation is the proud recipient of the 2016 Frost and Sullivan Visionary Innovation Leadership award in Sustainable Mobility.


To be the Best in – Class Passenger Vehicle Manufacturer in East and Central Africa by 2025


To Build a Better Uganda through Automotive Technology

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